Julian Assange gestures to the media from a police vehicle in London on April 11. (Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Regarding Margaret Sullivan’s cautionary admonition to fellow journalists, free-speech advocates, whistleblowers and others around the world, “The chilling effect of the Assange charges” [Style, April 12]:

While it is true that the legal basis for Julian Assange’s alleged crime in this particular gray-colored case is skillfully and narrowly drawn, the chilling effect such a highly publicized case will have on free-speech rights, here and abroad, is far-reaching.

Indeed, it will open the jurisprudential door to even more prosecutorial abuse and governmental legal threats under even more laws in even more countries. Our Justice Department is giving authoritarian and nationalistic leaders everywhere more legal tools to silence those who are trying to act in the public interest and do the right thing.

I hope The Post is gearing up to provide its journalists legal protection needed to continue their fundamental mission to tell the unvarnished truth.

Keith Henderson, Washington