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The July 10 Health & Science article “My husband got a scary illness. Then I did, too.” addressed peripheral neuropathy. I am a peripheral neuropathy sufferer who went undiagnosed for four years. A neurologist was finally able to confirm my condition — a condition I had never heard of except as being symptomatic of diabetes, which I do not have.

During the past four years, as my idiopathic peripheral neuropathy has progressed, I’ve tried a variety of (unsuccessful) medications to minimize the effect of my disease. I have been unable to work because of the risk of falling. I stagger and stumble and have had at least one concussion due to a fall. This has forced me into a retirement at least 10 years earlier than I planned. I now live off my monthly Social Security Disability Insurance, which provides roughly one-third of my previous annual income.

Pain and loss of mobility are just two aspects of this disease. The loss of purchasing power and severe curtailment of social activities are life-altering.

Phil Roach, Stafford