Regarding Robert McCartney’s July 11 Metro column, “A chance to unlock gridlock”:

It is foolish to base decisions on a poll of a few hundred commuters whose travel time has been reduced by a whole six minutes.

If there is really a reduction, it will be only a lull before the storm. In the name of “rail,” massive rezoning has taken place in the Tysons-Dulles Corridor. Sites all over and around the corridor are being zoned for greater development. One 181-unit apartment complex in Reston was recently rezoned for 950 units. The one-story Spectrum shopping area at Reston Town Center is now slated to include multiple towers.

When Tysons gets built out and the new towers go up in Reston and surrounding areas, any ease in commuting will be easily wiped out, and gridlock will become even worse. Our politicians keep bending to the will of developers who know no limits to their desire to build, build, build.

Bruce Kirschenbaum, Reston