In his Jan. 21 column [“The liberation of a second term”], E.J. Dionne Jr. said, “Obama wanted to be the agent of a United States of America in which the word ‘united’ would become an accurate description of our polity.” The problem is that for all of his rhetoric about civil discourse and compromise, this president has evidenced little of either. He has hurled strong and sarcastic invectives at the opposition, and he has never materially compromised any substantive element of his liberal agenda (though perhaps he has simply deferred action on some parts of it). I have worked with people like this. They are all for unity, commonality and togetherness, as long as it’s on their terms.

President Obama is perhaps the most liberal man to have held the office, and he is clearly sold on his liberal cause, imagining now that somehow an election victory of a few percentage points constitutes a mandate. I don’t deny him his ideology. Were I in his place, I’m sure I too would appear to be very much an ideologue. I respect people who will stick to their convictions, even if I disagree with them on just about everything. But let us abandon this fanciful notion that President Obama is all about bringing the nation together. His aggressive efforts to bring to full fruition the liberal goals of the last century only serve to deepen the division in our nation.

John Supp, Mechanicsville