Regarding the May 12 news article “Trump introduces plan to lower drug costs”:

Americans pay the highest prices for drugs in the world. President Trump’s new plan will do little or nothing to save us money. I’m told by friends who are patent attorneys that we are the only country that doesn’t negotiate drug prices. The most obvious quick change would be to allow Medicare to negotiate for its customers. A better change would be to have the Food and Drug Administration or another body negotiate prices. It has been 15 years since then-President George W. Bush enacted Medicare Part D, which said that Medicare could not negotiate drug prices. Isn’t a 15-year free ride for Big Pharma enough?

I’m 80 and have been healthy, so I never signed up for Part D. A few months ago I developed ulcers and went to the hospital. When leaving, I was given a prescription for a stomach medicine. I filled the prescription for 60 pills for $165. It was a generic called pantoprazole. I needed more and went to Canada, as I’ve done for more than a decade, and bought 60 pills for $17. So I paid about a 900 percent markup at CVS. 

The drug plan will be as good as Trumpcare where everyone would be covered with a better plan at a lower cost, but it turns out that many people will lose health care, many will see higher prices and the long-range improvements of Obamacare will be lost.

Allen Ahearn, Silver Spring