(Rick Osentoski/AP)

Regarding the March 22 Sports article “Lawyers say NFL is not paying claims”:

The National Football League concussion settlement is on track to cost the NFL far more than projected, meaning retired players are receiving the benefits they are entitled to and deserve. According to data the NFL submitted to the court, it expected to pay out $298 million in the first five years of the settlement. As of March 19, more than $348 million had been approved, and the claims process has been open for less than one year.

Unfortunately, some claims require further investigation by the court’s claims administrator. For example, one doctor conducted 153 “examinations” that were found not to meet the standard of care. While we are pleased these audits are being resolved, fraud slows the payment of meritorious claims to retired players who desperately need these benefits and undermines faith in the settlement. Ultimately that means more money stays with the NFL, rather than with the retired players.

The increasing number of claims that are being approved, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, show that the NFL concussion settlement is fulfilling its promise.  

Christopher Seeger, New York

The writer is co-lead class counsel for NFL retired players in the concussion litigation.