In the Nov. 30 front-page article “Getting out of Dodge? Obamas may buck tradition,” Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution protested that it is a “terrible idea” for the Obama family to consider staying in Washington for the sake of the younger daughter, Sasha, after President Obama leaves office. Mr. Hess’s reasons focused on the difficulties that doing so might pose for the adults.

What of the sacrifices that children of famous people make? They are uprooted and plunked down in a city not of their choosing. They have to discern who are their true friends because these are the people who will see them through the difficult times. They give up time with their parents and the anonymity that adolescents crave. They see the venom that is sometimes present in newspaper articles and TV news.

Good for the Obamas for putting Sasha’s needs ahead of their own.

Peggy Kane, Silver Spring