Regarding the Jan. 24 news article "Schumer rescinds offer to Trump on border wall funding":

Any discussion of the border wall demanded by President Trump, including a deal that would secure certainty for the "dreamers" in exchange for funding the wall, must acknowledge the incredible damage the wall would cause to wildlife, border communities and the United States' relationship with Mexico.

A border wall would bisect and isolate iconic Southwestern landscapes, threatening endangered wildlife and decades of binational cooperation to save these species from extinction. For the jaguar, an impenetrable wall would cut off any hope of recovery in the United States. The wall also would divide families and communities along the border, as well as gratuitously insult Mexico, a nation whose cooperation is essential for border security and wildlife conservation.

Acting as if the only objection to the wall is that it is a waste of taxpayer money misses the larger picture of what the wall represents.

Jamie Rappaport Clark, Washington

The writer is president and chief executive of Defenders of Wildlife.

Filemon Vela, Washington

The writer, a Democrat, represents Texas's34th District in the House and is co-chairman of the Congressional Border Caucus.