Mayor Muriel E. Bowser fields questions at a meeting of residents at the Park View Community Center in the District on Nov. 4. (J. Lawler Duggan/For The Washington Post)

Regarding the Nov. 11 Metro article “D.C. weighs dueling bills on contract procurement”:

The D.C. procurement process needs open government, open data and open contracting, not lockdown and administrative gridlock from multiple decision points and gatekeeper reviews by the D.C. Council.

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) wants to shrink the D.C. Council’s role in government purchasing decisions to improve efficiency. The council wants a greater role and more transparency. But the District can have efficiency and transparency. Procurement officials can have the discretion they need, council members the insight they need and D.C. residents and employers the efficiency we need. First, we should empower the decision-maker with data on requirements, contractor performance and stakeholder feedback. Second, we should disclose the decision and its basis routinely and rapidly to a comprehensive global standard, such as the Open Contracting Data Standard.

Council members and their staff owe it to the citizens they serve to become more sophisticated users of open contracting data to drive better results and efficiency.

Gavin Hayman and Ruairi Macdonald, Washington

The writers are, respectively, executive director and senior manager of procurement policy for the Open Contracting Partnership.