((by Red Square))

My design refocuses attention on the neglected Jefferson Pier and calls attention to Pierre L’Enfant’s original axial plan and the misalignment of the Washington Monument.

A new 3,000-seat Washington Amphitheater is a national gathering place that recalls the great amphitheaters of Rome and Greece and serves as a grand and fitting base for the Washington Monument. It falls on the north-south axis between the White House and Jefferson Memorial. The new Great Lawn in front of the amphitheater is both a performance and meeting space for 10,000 people. Tree plantings line walkways, define spaces and provide badly needed shade.

The entry to a new underground Mall visitors center and Washington Monument museum is on the axis between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. It allows entry to the monument, reveals its foundations and also provides space for concessions, bicycle rentals, restrooms and event staging and storage.

The plaza and “People’s Forum” area surrounding the monument provides spaces for public events, performances and exhibitions with shady allées, an American Arboretum and wetland plantings. A water element recalls L’Enfant’s original canal.

Click here to learn more about this proposal. To vote, visit www.wamocompetition.org.

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