A Pepco work crew trims trees. (Susan Biddle/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

The D.C. Public Service Commission’s decision to reject Exelon’s proposed purchase of Pepco was right for the District, but unfortunately the Aug. 26 Economy & Business article “Regulator rejects proposed merger of Pepco, Exelon” mischaracterized the reasons that thousands of D.C. residents have opposed the deal.  

The Post quoted a Loyola University business school professor as saying that Power DC, the citywide coalition representing ratepayers and residents opposed to the purchase of Pepco Holdings by Chicago-based Exelon, simply wanted a better deal than what Exelon offered. Nothing could be further from the truth. Power DC opposed the merger from the outset. As countless expert witnesses testified to the commission, nothing can protect the District from Exelon’s huge debts, its opposition to renewable energy and its long-standing practice of taking away community control over the power systems it buys. We are pleased the commission agreed, citing Exelon’s “inherent conflict of interest that might inhibit our local distribution company from moving forward to embrace a cleaner and greener environment.” We hope D.C. leaders follow suit and stand firm over the next 30 days as Exelon no doubt attempts to salvage this bad deal.

Anthony Lorenzo Green, Washington

The writer is chairman of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8B.

Delvone Michael, Washington

The writer is director of D.C. Working Families.

Anya Schoolman, Washington

The writer is executive director of DC SUN.