I was disheartened by the ethically challenged advice provided in the May 2 Local Living article “Spring clean for the May queen,” regarding outdoor clotheslines. Instead of suggesting that a person work to change restrictive covenants, the article recommended that where “condo or subdivision rules prohibit outdoor clotheslines,” one should “invest in a fold-away stand or retractable clothesline and use it toward dusk.”

The implication is that if one violates rules at dusk, it really isn’t a violation. Or that rules agreed to by a group are somehow trumped by some self-identified sense of eco-superior individual entitlement.

This is the same mentality that is evidenced by dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets or, worse, bag the evidence and leave it in the park or by the sidewalk for others to collect. I am sorry to see The Post contributing to the decline of polite society through such recommendations.

Nancy L. Combs, Arlington