Several decades ago, when the environmental movement was gaining widespread support in the United States, your editorial page editor, Meg Greenfield, wrote that we should act to make the most of the environment’s shining moment. Apparently, current Post editors have decided that shining moment has passed.

The two-week, peaceful protest in front of the White House, imploring President Obama to block the Keystone XL oil pipeline, passed without serious coverage by The Post. Demonstrators came at their own expense from all 50 states, and more than 1,200, myself included, were arrested, each of us paying a $100 fine.

Whatever one’s position on the construction of the pipeline and the use of tar sands oil, there are clearly significant environmental risks, and the protest warranted coverage. After a studied silence through most of the two weeks, you ran in the Sept. 4 Outlook section a flippant, cynical article by TV producer Rob Long on the arrest of actress Daryl Hannah. This trivialization was embarrassing to you.

Arlene K. Fleming, Great Falls

Rob Long moved beyond expressing his opinion into manipulating language to denigrate Daryl Hannah and those she joined in civil disobedience to highlight how the Keystone XL pipeline will aggravate our climate crisis.

For example, Long wrote that “Hannah and a handful of other activists . . . refused to move until the Park Police arrested them (and enough reporters had arrived).” Hannah was arrested that day with 140 others, including Nobel Prize winner James Hansen. More than 1,200 were arrested over two weeks.

A simple question: What is a handful?

Adam Siegel, McLean