Regarding the Aug. 16 front-page article “Great Falls reflects big windfall”:

I find myself asking: What was the point? Why this article at this time in this city? Doesn’t the country feel enough disdain for the Washington area? Aren’t Americans already painfully aware of the growing and shameful gap between the haves and have-nots?

What was the information you wanted to impart? That insanely rich people in Great Falls apparently lack the sensitivity gene? That private contractors, not the federal government, are at fault for what ails Washington?

Surely there was some other news that would have been more valuable, insightful and worthy of The Post and its readers.

Dianne Hasselman, Arlington

I was angry when I saw the feature on the wealthy people who live in Great Falls.

In this time when many people are losing their homes and jobs and are having to cut back, I thought the article was insensitive and in poor taste.

This was not newsworthy or deserving of a huge headline and pictures on the front page.

Barbara Mason, Herndon