In an unprecedented effort, The Post asked readers to help go through a massive dump of e-mail from Sarah Palin’s tenure as Alaska governor, hoping that someone will find something that can be used against her.

Without any sense of irony, the June 12 news article “Palin ambitious, protective in e-mails” quoted a “Democratic stategist” solemnly opining that Palin would “avoid interacting with objective, mainstream [media] outlets.”

To the contrary, I believe that Palin and millions of other people would be eager to participate in an objective and balanced effort to comb through President Obama’s e-mails for potentially embarrassing and politically damaging items.

Kindly let us know exactly where on your Web site we should go to participate in your “Let’s Get Obama” project so we can interact with the objective mainstream media.

Michael Crawford, Great Falls


The Fix’s June 9 blog post soliciting the public’s help “to analyze, contextualize, and research” Sarah Palin’s e-mails led me to conclude that journalism as a profession or craft is dead and that mob journalism is now an acceptable practice.

This effort to enlist the public’s help to “surface the most important information” from Sarah Palin’s e-mails is simply code for enticing the masses to ferret out negative information on a public figure of your newspaper’s choice.

Given that your target is a conservative public figure only demonstrates your paper’s prejudices, but in this reader’s view the practice would be no more legitimate for a “free” press should the target be a liberal.

Karin Gregg, Fairfax Station

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So after you reviewed thousands of samples from a 24,000-e-mail witch hunt, your big takeaways are that, while governor, Sarah Palin unsuccessfully tried to keep a state-run creamery in business, likes her friends and doesn’t like her enemies.

That’s some in-depth investigative reporting. I challenge any of your readers to take the time to go through Palin’s e-mails. Doing so would go a long way toward disabusing much of the negative impression many of them have about Palin based on the extensive negative attacks by your newspaper and other outlets in the mainstream media.

Bob Segal, Burke

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