In her Feb. 14 Sports column [“It’s time grown-ups talk sense into Snyder”], Sally Jenkins lamented that she is powerless to change the fact that the name of the Washington football team is a racial slur: “Plenty of important people have raised the issue of the team’s name, from Mayor Vincent Gray to several columnists at this paper to WRC anchor Jim Vance. But none of them have the power to make [owner Daniel] Snyder or the NFL uncomfortable.”

I couldn’t disagree more.

Every day, The Post makes an editorial decision to allow its writers to use “Redskins” in articles covering the team. Jenkins used it repeatedly herself.

If The Post, the team’s hometown paper, decided to banish the slur from its pages and uniformly refer to the “Washington football team” until the name was changed, I imagine it would make Snyder and the NFL deeply uncomfortable.

John Pitts, Washington