Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis could be a steadying force for Mr. Trump.

It is irrational to seize on one violent act to bar Muslim refugees.

Mel Franklin’s crash is just the latest example of a perk abused by Prince George’s County Council members.

It’s a tax cut for those who need it the least.

Human rights defenders are increasingly under siege.

Betsy DeVos should be thoroughly questioned on her views, but politicians and activists should keep an open mind in the meantime.

Moscow’s agents are implicated in two dangerous plots in Eastern Europe.

Trump’s intervention does not make for a sustainable manufacturing industry.

The transit agency’s boss, Paul Wiedefeld, has a plan. It’ll be a long haul.

Democrats can oppose Tom Price’s policies, but they should not block his appointment.

Agreements on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are under stress.

Better to negotiate terms than punish millions of Americans.

Tehran’s non-nuclear aggressions pose a more urgent test for the Trump administration.

Lawsuits from Maryland and federal officials target a local scheme.

The president-elect may loathe flag-burning, but it is constitutionally protected speech.

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