Patti Davis’s Feb. 20 op-ed, “Trump’s casual regard for life and death,” included a touching story about her father’s tortured decision to not grant a death-row inmate clemency. But Ms. Davis compared then-Gov. Ronald Reagan’s somber sensitivity to President Trump’s excitement over China’s executing drug traffickers and his saying nice things about some very nasty dictators.

Perhaps she should make another comparison, as well. President Barack Obama, also seen cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iran and various other bad actors, reportedly bragged, “Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.” This doesn’t sound like words from a man who took the power he had to take human life very seriously. If such words were uttered from the mouth of another, they might be considered downright vulgar. Rather, Mr. Obama sounded just as flippant then as Mr. Trump does now.

The difference is that Mr. Obama’s drone program killed more than 3,500 people, including at least 324 civilians. Was each and every one a proven killer?

Debbie Shaw, Washington