Fred Hiatt was right, of course, that Franklin Delano Roosevelt experienced less media attention to his personal life, including his leisure pursuits, than does President Obama [“Could America accept another FDR?,” op-ed, Aug. 25]. And Mr. Hiatt was right that presidents deserve, as we all do, time for relaxation and renewal. But Mr. Hiatt ignored the reason that images of Mr. Obama golfing on Martha’s Vineyard generated criticism: They seem to confirm the increasingly widespread view of the president as detached and aloof. In this respect, Mr. Obama differs significantly in temperament and style from FDR, whose optimism and resolute energy carried a nation through crisis.

I voted for Mr. Obama twice. I don’t regret those votes, but I am disappointed by what seems to be his lack of engagement when our country desperately needs leadership.

Alexandra Acosta, Chevy Chase