The Dec. 27 Sports article “If Redskins explore trade, what might Cousins net?” exemplified how off-kilter the decision-making process surrounding the Washington Redskins is. The real question should be, what could the team expect in return for trading Robert Griffin III.

The whole RGIII circus, from the initial decision to trade so many draft choices to acquire him to the constant barrage of hype following his every move since his arrival, has done nothing to advance the long-term success of this team where it counts: on the field. The team cannot expect to get better as long as Mr. Griffin is the quarterback.

I came away with two thoughts upon the completion of the 2012 draft: First, that the team had made a tremendous mistake in giving up all those top draft choices for a running quarterback likely to amount to nothing more than a flash in the pan. Second, that it redeemed itself by drafting its quarterback of the future, Kirk Cousins. 

Paul Wood, Gaithersburg

The Dec. 29 front-page article “Shanahan and Redskins: A recipe for disaster” reported that, after hiring Mike Shanahan as coach in 2010, Redskins owner Dan Snyder held a celebratory dinner at the Palm in Tysons Corner. Rather than “celebrate” the hiring of his next coach, perhaps Mr. Snyder should let Mr. Shanahan’s successor pick up greasy Five Guys burgers, head out to Redskins Park and get to work fixing this mess. If nothing else, we’d all feel better.

Michael Poe, Vienna

Regarding Sally Jenkins’s Dec. 30 Sports column, “Shanahan may go, but issues remain”:

Ms. Jenkins might add to the list of problems a new coach may face. This year’s team suffered from three: The offense didn’t block, the secondary didn’t cover and the special teams didn’t tackle. Coaching challenges, indeed.

Jack Harney, New Carrollton

Last year, the Redskins won their last seven games, won their division and made it to the playoffs, although perhaps the less said about that playoff game, the better. Soon thereafter, the team raised season ticket prices significantly.

This year the Redskins lost their last eight games, finished last in their division and are going nowhere. Will owner Dan Snyder reduce season ticket prices as a result?

Linnea S. Turner, Broad Run