The day before Thanksgiving is not the time to publish pictures of the slaughter of turkeys [“The sacrifice before the feast,” front page, Nov. 27]. My mother, who dictated very few rules for her children to follow, said on occasion, “Don’t talk about where the food came from at the table.” The photographs inside the paper of children delighting in the slaughter made me very uneasy.

We have enough news about death and killings; this article at Thanksgiving should have been omitted.

Kathleen Collins, Bethesda

What was The Post thinking? The turkey article was hideous. Nooses? Long knives? Blood? Death? Creepy.

A number of uplifting articles could have occupied the “turkey” space. Find them and print them — along with an apology for the “turkey” piece.

Jack King, Leesburg

Thanks to The Post for “The sacrifice before the feast.” The wonderfully graphic pictures will do more to promote a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle than any PETA ad could.

Judy Holzman, Columbia