In his March 23 letter, “Good sense on Purple Line spending,” Jim Mich argued that the Purple Line “is a development issue, period” and the “driving force behind the Purple Line is the people who want it to provide a catalyst for more development.”

I co-founded, with the late Harry Sanders, the Action Committee for Transit (ACT), the citizens group that in 1986 began to push for cross-county rail transit. The lion’s share of early advocacy for this project was by ACT.

The Purple Line, first and foremost, is a common-sense add-on to our rail transit network. It will dramatically increase quality public transportation by linking three Metrorail lines, three MARC lines and countless local and intercity bus services.

Given political realities, to say that developers are for it is merely to say it has a real chance of getting built.

The greatest beneficiaries will be citizens who want or need to travel across the suburbs without a car and without detouring in and out of the District.

Ross Capon, Bethesda