The May 16 Style article about the late Chuck Brown and go-go was somewhat puzzling. The headline stated, “Bands trickle back to D.C., but city’s sound needs more support,” yet the article noted the fights and shootings that have broken out at go-go events and detailed a stabbing this month at a concert. D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier had a “go-go report,” a regular bulletin to monitor clubs’ performances because of the behavior of the audience.

The articlementioned that the building of a proposed music pavilion honoring Brown was controversial in the Langdon Park neighborhood in Northeast Washington. Members of our Advisory Neighborhood Commission believe Chuck Brown should be honored as the fine musician he was, and our opposition has focused on the noise, trash, parking issues and loss of green space that the pavilion would bring. We have offered several alternative plans.

Now we have one more serious issue to consider: the threat of violence. The Post may think the city should support go-go more, but I’m not able to do that if it means fights in my neighborhood.

Delores Bushong, Washington