The March 26 front-page article “O’Malley makes push for public assets’ privatization” improperly characterized Maryland’s efforts to encourage public-private partnerships (P3s) as the privatization of state assets.

In fact, the bill from the administration of Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) is designed to leverage the strengths of the public and private sectors to advance critical infrastructure projects that the state cannot otherwise afford while maintaining the state’s ownership and control of its infrastructure.

The bill would create a predictable and transparent process for pursuing P3 projects, requiring reports to be submitted to the General Assembly and posted online detailing the rationale, the potential costs and benefits, and the workforce and socioeconomic impact of proposed projects. An important requirement is that P3 projects be undertaken through a competitive bid process.

To create jobs and address our infrastructure challenges, Maryland is rightly following the lead of many states by seeking to pursue the opportunities and benefits that P3s offer.

Robert Brams, Bethesda

The writer is a member of Maryland’s Joint Legislative and Executive Commission on Oversight of Public-Private Partnerships.