The Oct. 16 article, “Federal health-care Web site’s traffic plummets,” on the health-care Web site’s glitches, made me think that perhaps the government has overlooked someone already on the payroll who could lead this effort: Terence Milholland. The Aug. 29 Metro article “Pushing to give the IRS a world-class IT program” reported Mr. Milholland’s nomination for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for his work fixing the notoriously poor technology systems at the IRS.

According to The Post, the Government Accountability Office had ranked the IRS systems as “high risk” for 13 consecutive years, and Mr. Milholland is credited with getting the agency off that list. Surely his past experience at large institutions helped — 30 years of IT experience at, variously, Visa, Geico and Boeing.

I am a big supporter of the health-care law, and I would like to see us move past blaming whoever managed the contract with CGI Federal to finding someone on the federal government’s side capable of working with them to identify and correct the problems. After all, there will be many fewer enrollees in the health-care program than there are federal taxpayers.

Linda Davenport, Alexandria