Democratic Rep. Edward J. Markey won the Massachusetts Senate race on Tuesday [“Markey triumphs in Mass. Senate race,” news, June 26], and, in so doing, put the lie to the popular liberal media myth that what Republicans need to do to win is to nominate moderates and reach out to Hispanic voters. Mr. Markey’s opponent, Gabriel Gomez, seemed the perfect candidate in that regard — a young, moderate Republican, a successful businessman with a Harvard MBA, a former Navy SEAL, a family man with four children and the son of Hispanic immigrants. Yet, he still lost.

Mr. Gomez joins a long line of defeated Republican moderates, including former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, who alienated his conservative base and lost to liberal Elizabeth Warren in last fall’s race for the Senate. These results are echoed on the national stage, where moderate Republican presidential candidates almost always lose. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford — all moderates, all losers.

Republicans need to stop taking advice from liberals on how to win elections and start nominating tough, no-nonsense conservatives who will stand up for their principles.

Donald Lyman Jr., Wilmington, Mass.