Regarding the Feb. 24 WP Magazine article “After years of crouching, arts ed is raising its hand”:

While I am always thrilled to see arts education highlighted, promoted and advocated, it’s always tinged with a bit of “missed opportunity.” Arts education seems to be consistently equated with performing arts. Of the six photographs accompanying your article, only one pictured a student engaged in the visual arts. The two celebrities mentioned in the article are both in the performing arts.

It’s time to give equal time to the arts that all students can and should participate in — those that foster creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving; those that teach lifelong skills, a discriminating eye and an appreciation for beauty and self-expression; those where all you need are paper and a pencil, a bit of clay, a brush and some paint — and an idea.

Sandy Pugh, Vienna

The writer is an art specialist in the Fairfax County Public Schools.