Chicago police display illegal firearms they confiscated in 2014. (M. Spencer Green/Associated Press)

Recent Post editorials and reporting on violence in the United States have focused on the popular and all-too-simple solution of gun control [“Gun violence: 7,548 incidents and counting,” editorial, Feb. 28]. More reasonable gun control would help, but The Post should discuss the problems creating the violence, not just the tools of violence. Our society, politicians, religious institutions and economic leadership have been fear- and hate-mongering for decades. The United States has become a militaristic culture, with war after war being justified to promote the business of war. We no longer seem to care about other humans and the cost of our military adventurism, as long as it produces profits for Wall Street and jobs for a few.

Why are we so puzzled that our society is getting more violent? There are fewer counterbalances to the fear and hate being spewed every day. The voices for compassion and tolerance are being shouted down and cannot be heard. Just look at our current presidential race.

Stephen Carey, Arlington