As a flight attendant flying the friendly skies for 35 years, I can’t believe The Post’s view [“A stab at a compromise,” editorial, March 13] that the Transportation Security Administration “cannot be in the business of trying to protect every passenger and crewmember from every conceivable threat.” Really? Instead, my passengers will have to rely upon savvy passengers and me.

So, savvy passengers, are you ready for this new responsibility to defend yourself against someone with a knife? And me, well, the TSA has not trained me or the vast majority of my colleagues to defend you.

Kevin P. Creighan, Washington

The writer is international secretary-treasurer of the Association of Flight Attendants.

●Maybe the Transportation Security Administration would like to return the toy stolen from my grandson. It was a small, completely sealed cube with little plastic pieces floating in a clear liquid — a puzzle just the right size for a little boy’s hand and intended to keep him busy on his flight.

I bought this dangerous item at the Hirshhorn Museum gift shop.

Susan Ruff, Washington