President Trump at the White House on Monday. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

Air Force cargo aircraft are refueling at a small Scottish airport near President Trump’s Turnberry golf resort instead of at Air Force bases where fuel and services often cost much less [“Air Force reviews layover guidelines amid scrutiny of stay at Trump resort,” Politics & The Nation, Sept. 10]. Crews are paying for food and lodging at Mr. Trump’s resort. Defense Department officials have yet to tell congressional investigators who approved these arrangements.

We also learned that, in 2014, Mr. Trump and Prestwick airport authorities signed an agreement whereby Prestwick is “the European base for all Trump Aviation Operations.” Thus, Mr. Trump is personally benefiting from Air Force payments to private businesses, including his own resort.

In the late 1980s, I was assigned to a Pentagon office. I traveled around the country speaking to veterans’ and other organizations. Often, they would present me with a gift to show their appreciation: a pen and pencil set, a plaque, a T-shirt. I was required to inform my organization’s general counsel of the gifts and await a decision on whether accepting the gift violated regulations.

Of course, when I was required to prove I was not profiting from my position, I was a mere Army colonel. I’m interested to hear at what rank the rules no longer apply and officials can profit from their positions. Maybe I should have hung in there until I was an assistant secretary or a four-star?

Joseph Schlatter, Heathsville, Va.

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