Colum Lynch’s June 26 front-page article, “In NSA leak, foes of U.S. see a chance to return fire,” noted that some countries are enjoying our embarrassment over Edward Snowden’s revelations. We are in this debate anyway now, so let’s welcome our comparison with any other country. The United States isn’t perfect, and we shouldn’t pretend to be perfect. However, we are certainly well positioned to debate the proper balance of security and freedom with representatives from China, Russia, Venezuela and Ecuador, or any other country for that matter. It is a strength to take criticism and challenge the other party to do the same. We could all learn something from the process if each of us were up to the challenge.

Glenn Williamson, Washington

I think we should definitely allow Edward Snowden to move to Venezuela, Ecuador or Cuba. Perhaps once he is there he could do what he does best: find and leak some interesting government activity in those countries. I suspect there is enough material to leak to keep him busy for a while.

Sabina Dym, Potomac