Regarding “Closed, but just technically” [news, Oct. 3]:

I have spent the last three weeks visiting Civil War battlefields and other historical sites in four states and the District. In Gettysburg this week, I was restricted in exploring the magnificent national military park because it is closed: Vehicular traffic onto battlefield roadways is blocked by orange cones; pedestrian access to walking trails is officially prohibited, but I was able to stroll out to a remote part of the battlefield to see the monument honoring the 17th Connecticut Volunteers

I will find other things to do, mostly on the campus of Gettysburg College, until the shutdown ends or I return home. But I feel bad for anyone who planned a one-day visit to see this great battlefield in the year of the 150th anniversaries of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address. Disappointed travelers are paying heavily for a partisan dispute in Congress that is closer to political theater than policy-making for the public good. The republic will survive this manufactured crisis, but it is diminishing the quality of American life.

Steven S. Berizzi, Norwalk, Conn.