Reading the Jan. 11 Style article “Is that guest going one toke over the line?,” I was struck by the absence of what should be a consideration beyond mere etiquette: Do you, a guest in my house about to light up a marijuana cigarette, think about the connection between your actions and the collateral victims of the illegal trade that provides your “nightcap”? Perhaps not. So let me explain it to you.

Our government, misguided as it may be, spends billions abroad attempting to interdict this trade, fueling a 40-year-long war that has devastated uncounted lives and communities, and billions more at home ruining lives through the criminal justice system. Yes, I understand you want to take the edge off your day. But you should be aware that, unless you grew your own stash, you are connected to the violence and waste that result from your little habit.

Bennett Minton, Arlington