The Sept. 16 Economy & Business article "Gender wage gap shrinks by largest amount in decade" cited a fact that should be seen as a huge blemish on our society: the 43 -year stagnation of median wages for men who work full time year-round. This should be front-page news.

The Census Bureau's annual report on income and poverty shows that, going by inflation-adjusted median pay, male workers have not received a raise since the early 1970s. Meanwhile, the productivity of labor has more than doubled. Our economy has moved light-years ahead in terms of technology, but the worker is stuck decades behind, earning no more than the median pay of a male of his grandfather's generation, likely receiving less in benefits and struggling to buy cellphones, computers and other accoutrements of 21st-century living. A society in which the average guy makes no progress in nearly half a century is something that should concern everyone.

Karen Hendershot, Front Royal, Va.