Regarding the May 13 front-page article “Amid the rhetoric, living the reality”:

What a beautiful story about a same-sex married couple. I think it showed quite well that there is no such thing as “gay marriage.” There is only marriage, and the love between and day-to-day commitment to one another, in matters large and small, that come with it. Linda and Gloria Bailey-Davies are an inspiration.

Bob Dardano, Washington

Regarding Lisa Miller’s May 12 On Faith column, “Obama’s evolution gives hope”:

As part of her closing sentence, Ms. Miller wrote, “On the specifics of what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘right’ kind of family, the Scriptures offer no guidance at all.”She should re-read Genesis (2:18). God created Adam and then he created Eve because “it is not good for the man to be alone.” He created a man and a woman — not two men or two women.

The man and woman complement each other and can bring forth new life. An example of a good family is St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus.

As Ms. Miller pointed out, a large number of people today do not follow the guidance of the Bible. But what is morally correct is not determined by the number of people participating in a certain practice. Moral values transcend popular culture. The teachings of the Bible are timeless.

Patricia McGuire, Alexandria

State-level civil unions, as advocated by Judd Kessler in his May 12 letter, do nothing to address the inequities inherent in federal law with respect to gay marriage. Even if their union is state-sanctioned, same-sex spouses will never enjoy true equality until they can file a joint federal tax return or receive Social Security benefits accrued by a deceased spouse.

Heterosexual spouses qualify for a variety of federal benefits that are still denied to same-sex couples. For this reason, President Obama’s leadership on this issue is vital.

Mark Weinberg, Glenn Dale