Abortion-rights activists protest outside the Supreme Court during the March for Life, in Washington on Jan. 18. (Jose Luis Magana/AP)

The assertion in the April 24 editorial “An unprecedented assault on abortion” that the antiabortion movement, fueled by President Trump, is pursuing increasingly radical measures to quash reproductive rights was correct. These tactics go beyond dangerous state “fetal heartbeat” legislation and TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) laws; antiabortion rhetoric has infected our international diplomacy, as well. Mr. Trump has appointed notorious anti-choice leaders to positions of power at the federal level, and it shows. The United Nations just caved to pressure from the Trump administration, removing any mention of reproductive health from a resolution condemning sexual violence as a weapon of war.

It speaks volumes that the United States is willing to abandon a condemnation of something as universally reviled as rape because the text does not reflect an antiabortion agenda. It’s part of a growing trend of disturbing foreign policy decisions, including the “global gag rule.” At the end of the day, the only thing the administration appears to care about is ensuring that people do not have abortions, take birth control or access any reproductive health-care service.

What we’re seeing from Mr. Trump is utter contempt for women and a reckless disregard for their lives. It’s shameful and dangerous.

Lauren Salmiery, Washington

The writer is national field director for Population Connection Action Fund.

The April 24 editorial on abortion legislation offered only one statistic to claim that polling is trending pro-choice and overlooked many other data points that suggest the opposite. In particular, the editorial completely sidestepped the data that shows growing and overwhelming support for ending second- and third-trimester abortions. According to Gallup, only a third of Americans support keeping abortion legal after the first trimester. A Marist poll found that 75 percent of Americans want abortion limited to the first trimester, at most, including nearly two-thirds of those who self-identify as pro-choice and as Democrats. And yet numerous states have recently made moves to legalize abortion until the moment before birth. Further, Democrats in Congress have consistently blocked bills to end abortion after 20 weeks, despite their popularity.

The American people have made it clear they don’t want late-term abortion, and yet the pro-choice movement is working to expand it. Who, then, are the extremists?

Ashley E. McGuire, Washington

The writer is a senior fellow with the Catholic Association.