The May 11 Style article “Trouble in paradise” identified disputes between President Trump and the Palm Beach, Fla., town council regarding Mr. Trump’s permissible uses of his Mar-a-Lago property. According to the article, documents recently uncovered call into question the legality of Mr. Trump’s 2019 decision to change his official domicile from New York state to Florida.

In a 1993 agreement with the Palm Beach town council, and in return for certain tax benefits, Mr. Trump had agreed that he would not reside at Mar-a-Lago. He agreed that it would be a private club and transferred ownership to a Trump corporate entity. Yet, in 2019, when changing his domicile from New York state to Florida, Mr. Trump gave as his new personal address that of Mar-a-Lago. When registering to vote in Florida, Mr. Trump gave the Mar-a-Lago address as his legal residence. And, when voting by mail last month in Florida’s primary, Mr. Trump gave this same club address, at which he cannot legally reside, as his legal residence. Voter fraud, anyone?

Daphna Krim, Bethesda