I commend former Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius for making a compelling and compassionate case for Title X, the nation’s family planning program, in her Oct. 24 Wednesday Opinion essay, “The assault on birth control.” While Ms. Sebelius detailed how the Trump administration’s proposed rule is dangerous for patients, it’s important to also highlight the severe threat the rule would pose to the providers who care for them.

Many Title X-funded agencies are already operating on extremely narrow margins, and further undercutting access to resources places additional strain that could lead to some health centers shuttering doors.

This is a program that today is able to serve only 4 million poor and low-income people, even though 20 million people need publicly funded family planning. So, yes, the rule seeks to attack access to contraception, and it does so by unraveling the mission of a sensible, cost-effective program with a bipartisan history and strong track record. That should be troublesome for all of us. 

Clare Coleman, Washington

The writer is the president and chief executive of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association.