Melania Trump waves as she arrives to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Regarding the July 20 front-page article “Beyond plagiarism, a bigger issue: Is this team ready?”:

The kerfuffle over Melania Trump’s apparent cribbing of first lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic convention speech could have been easily overlooked as the mistake of a paid speechwriter had Ms. Trump not bragged of having written the speech. But now the disorganized campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that it was not Ms. Trump’s mistake, as she did not compose the speech, and a campaign staff member took responsibility for the plagiarism. Only one of those statements can be true, so now it’s plagiarism plus lying. In addition, the campaign contended it was actually presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s fault that the accusations surfaced.

I’m a retired public school teacher, and this reminds me of the classic response from parents who blame the teacher for catching a student cheating. Their darling is blameless and, furthermore, it was little so-and-so’s fault. Just when I thought Mr. Trump and his surrogates could not do a more thorough impersonation of a seventh-grade bully, they upped the ante.

Sheri Clark, Richmond

The Obama family has inspired many other American families. Apparently the words of first lady Michelle Obama have inspired Melania Trump. This has always been part of the American story, with earlier waves of immigrants and their offspring inspiring newcomers. Why all the fuss?

Glenn Williamson, Washington