The Aug. 21 editorial “Blood-soaked villains” got it right: We must never forget the nature of our enemy. The Islamic State slaughters innocents because of deranged thinking (masquerading as religion in this case). The recent beheading of journalist James Foley is tragic. It is a reminder of what the Islamic State would like to do to all Americans. Mr. Foley was not a soldier or CIA agent; he was a journalist seeking to find and expose the truth of the Islamic State’s terror.

Yes, the United States is war-weary. Still, our government should do a dramatic reversal of it’s “no boots on the ground” approach and strike these terrorists now; we should kill them in Iraq or chase them into Syria. Such action would be an ounce of prevention. If we let the Islamic State grow and continue to recruit militants, the United States will face numerous incidents at home. How hard would it be to derail 10 passenger trains at once? The United States should strike now.

Ken Abraham, Dover, Del.

The wanton murder of James Foley by the Islamic State will but galvanize international resolve to eradicate such terrorists [“Islamic State claims to execute American,” front page, Aug. 20]. Time to remove the rose-colored glasses. Simply put, we must destroy the Islamic State with as much “mercy” as it showed Mr. Foley.

Joe Hammell, Waynesboro, Pa.