Regarding Michael Cavna’s Jan. 3 Style article on graphic novels, “Don’t ban these books”:

I’m a 71-year-old retired schoolteacher. When I was in elementary school, my favorite uncle gave my cousins, friends and me three large boxes of comic books. We read them all summer while waiting after lunch to go swimming. On rainy days we gathered on the front porch and read them again. Superman, Batman, Archie, Little Lulu and others taught all of us to read.

As an eighth-grade teacher, I often had students who brought comics to school for reading time or to hide in textbooks during lessons. When other teachers confiscated them, I retrieved them. When I had gathered enough, I had my students read the comics in class and list the words they didn’t know. It was amazing the number of “big words” they found. They often understood the context even if they didn’t really know the words.

If kids read graphic novels, as well as other books, then people should quit complaining.

Richard Krieger, Stillwater, Okla.