Regarding the June 4 editorial “Wind power,” on the federal wind production tax credit (PTC):

Wind power is the second-fastest-growing energy source in the country, generating enough energy for 10 million homes. Since 1998, the amount of wind power generated in the United States has increased by nearly 40-fold. With more than 60 percent of a wind turbine’s components produced in the United States, wind power is an unqualified American manufacturing success story.

By providing investors and manufacturers with an incentive to create clean, renewable energy, the PTC has driven innovation and made the United States a world leader in wind-energy manufacturing.

The United States would sacrifice all of these gains to other countries if the PTC were allowed to expire. Already, manufacturers are shutting down factories and laying off workers. Projects that have been approved by local and state governments are being abandoned because of the uncertainty surrounding the PTC. We shouldn’t let the misguided be the enemy of the good.

Michael Wu, Washington

The writer is advocacy policy director at the Truman National Security Project.