Reading the Feb. 28 Sports article about the Washington Wizards’ loss to the Detroit Pistons the day before [“A loss is what team earned, Wittman says”], I was struck by the difference in attitudes between John Wall and his teammates.

Mr. Wall referred to the Wizards as “my team” and blamed others for his turnovers: “They were great passes. It was just, some teammates couldn’t catch them and some got tipped away.” By contrast, bench players Trevor Ariza and A.J. Price, both of whom had much better nights than did Mr. Wall, repeatedly referred to “we” and “our team” when addressing the Wizards’ poor play. It’s no mystery to me who was in the forefront of Coach Randy Wittman’s mind when he slammed the team’s dedication.

The Wizards clearly have been better since Mr. Wall recovered from his knee injury, but the team has a pretty low ceiling until he gets his head right.

Chuck Hadden, Arlington