(Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press)

My organization was appalled by the Oct. 30 front-page article “A super-size schools beef for McDonald’s,” which described the McDonald’s documentary “540 Meals: Choices Make the Difference,” featuring a teacher who conducted a weight loss experiment in 2014 by eating only McDonald’s food for 540 consecutive meals. Most egregious is that McDonald’s self-serving program is offered to schools to help teach students about making good food choices.  

Whether the teacher lost weight is beside the point; his experience hardly translates to sound daily nutrition for children. School districts should not allow the documentary to be shown or invite a paid McDonald’s brand ambassador to address students about healthful eating.   

We applaud McDonald’s for improving its menus by adding apple slices, salads and low-fat milk, but it does not offer the full variety of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that a growing child needs. Parents and child-wellness advocates diligently educate students on the importance of eating fresh, whole foods. McDonald’s messaging is contrary to these important efforts and to sound nutrition science. 

Jenny Hein, Washington

The writer is executive director of Real Food For Kids.