Regarding the Jan. 24 Metro article “At cathedral, the gospel of activism”:

As a cradle Episcopalian, I fully understand the importance of being able to live in tension with other members of my faith. It is in this spirit that I write to respectfully disagree with the approach taken by the Rev. Gary Hall of Washington National Cathedral. I would have been fully supportive of a “March for Nonviolence.” However, a march for gun control is a simplistic approach to a complex problem. I find it inappropriate for a cathedral that professes to represent the nation to take such a partisan position.

Gun violence is a social problem, not a gun problem; to address it, we need idealism, not politics. The church’s work should be to advocate for social change to such a point that there is no longer a need or desire for guns. We need gun control through personal responsibility, not legislation.

Lawrence M. Nelson, McLean