Regarding Kenneth E. Grubbs’s July 22 letter, “A united attack on Dominion Energy will hurt Virginians”:

Dominion Energy’s pipelines are needless projects that will only hurt Virginians economically. They’re not for us; they’re a vehicle for powerful fossil fuel interests to pilfer money from us while giving nothing in return.

Dominion’s pipeline would be no more safe from landslides than TransCanada’s was in 2018 when it exploded in West Virginia just months after completion. On Thursday, a similar Enbridge pipeline exploded in Kentucky, killing one person and setting six homes on fire. Virginia farmers are seeing their water contaminated and their land ripped out from under them. Fracked gas pipelines are only a “safer” mode of transportation of “natural gas” in the way that rubbing rat poison on your skin is better for you than rubbing it in your eye or swallowing it. The main thing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is good for is transporting fracked gas to the coast for export, where it would travel by ship to Europe and Asia and continue to exacerbate the climate crisis that threatens biological existence on Earth. Sorry, Dominion. There’s nothing safe about pipelines.

Chris Tandy, Lansdowne