As a former mayor of Indianapolis, I take offense at the use of the term “hicks” to describe the Indiana Pacers [“No. 2 New York Knicks vs. No. 3 Indiana Pacers,” Sports, May 5].

Admittedly, “Hicks vs. Knicks” is euphonious. Admittedly, Indianapolis, the home of the Pacers, is a smaller market for the NBA (and NFL) and does not receive nearly the attention or respect that big city teams enjoy. And admittedly, the team has no superstars: no Kobe or King James or Melo or Kevin.

Nonetheless, the Pacers are a fine young team that has been very competitive this year (and in many others). Labeling the team pejoratively as hicksis unfair and a derogatory slur unworthy of The Post.  

William H. Hudnut III, Chevy Chase