The Washington Daily News on July 28, 1952, following an alleged UFO sighting in the Washington metropolitan area. (The Washington Daily News/THE WASHINGTON DAILY NEWS)

Christopher Mellon’s March 11 Outlook essay, “The Pentagon isn’t taking UFOs seriously enough,” described the refusal of the appropriate federal agencies to deal rationally with this latest flurry of reports of unidentified flying objects. (That is what they are, despite hesitancy to use that loaded term.) 

Any concern that potential enemies have vastly superior military aircraft is seriously misplaced, for flying objects having radical shapes and spectacularly superior performance have been detected visually by military and airline pilots and confirmed by both civil and military radar since the 1940s. Had Russia or North Korea or Iran or anyone else possessed such craft, there would have been multiple opportunities to use them to our everlasting detriment.  

Don Berliner, Alexandria

The writer is a former chairman of the board of the now-defunct Fund for UFO Research.