A wind turbine in Adair, Iowa. President Trump’s putdown of wind energy at his Iowa rally was denounced Thursday, June 22, 2017, across the state, which has been a leader in wind generation. (Charlie Neibergall/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

In his Iowa speech, the president claimed that wind energy, unbeknownst to others, kills millions of birds annually [“Trump takes on wind energy, talks solar-powered border wall in Iowa speech,” news, June 23]. As one of America’s several million birders, I know that Mr. Trump was correct about the impact of wind turbines but wrong about it being some hidden fact. For years, scientific studies have investigated this reality, and as a result many individuals and groups are working to correct the problem.

It was certainly ironic that the president cited bird fatalities as an argument in favor of fossil fuels. Birds and thousands of other species are being victimized by the millions throughout the world because of a climate severely affected by the use of fossil fuels — loss of habitat, reduced reproduction levels, increased temperatures affecting breeding sites. While many of us care about bird deaths, we are more concerned about government policies and practices that ignore the damage fossil fuels inflict on the planet we humans inhabit.

Vincent DeSanctis, Tilghman Island, Md.