Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan speaks at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, in Chicago, in 2017. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

For someone who purports to be nothing if not supremely civil, George F. Will needs to rediscover his Ps and Qs. In his July 1 op-ed, “A blow against coerced speech,” about the recent Supreme Court decision on public unions and nonmember fees, he nearly had me at least reading with an open mind. But then he couldn’t resist a snarky comment about Justice Elena Kagan, writing, “How does Kagan err? Let us count the ways.” Too cute by half, Mr. Will, and it turned me off.

Set an example if you want to persuade people not to be “theatrically distraught,” and refrain from the personal jab. It’s a two-edged sword.

Helen Dalton, Potomac